Friday, December 5, 2014

New Powermeter survey

The survey is closed per 16-12-2014. Data preparation started. Results will follow.

If you like you can participate in my new powermeter survey. Click on this link:

It's about powermeter brands. You can participate if you have a powermeter, but also if you don't have a powermeter. If you don't have a powermeter not all questions will aplly to you as you can see in the last responsecode in question 1.
By the way I am not selling powermeters. I am just interested in how they (brands) are perceived and in that sense I have no commercial intention for my questionnaire. I also cannot see any respondent information so I cannot contact respondents!
I will publish the results again on this blog (like last year in which I also published the results). Last year however the questionnaire was only open for Dutch speaking people.
Wrt the country of residence question. I selected those countries which have highest visitnumbers on this blog. So I hope you don't feel offended if you do not see your country in the list.
The questionnaire was made on surveymonkey (the non-paid version) so I was limited in the amount of questions, the type of questions and the amount of response I can generate at max (100).

Hope you will participate and encourage others to participate as well!